Monday, July 04, 2005

Create Don't Copy Write

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So you want to write about life on the Internet in the world wide web window that could be considered the "Wild Wild West" for marketing, online advertising, no ethics, and wild website designs.

ECommerce .com companies in fact sometimes feel anything goes in the form of pictures or text to enhance their website greetings.

Why consider some of the consequences from "doin" things the wrong way? Well, for example: false advertising claims are coming back to haunt some advertisers that felt they could place anything in their ads and certainly may have gotten away with it in the past. There have recently been lawsuits filed against companies for having produced false advertising online.

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Another area that is really starting to bite back companies is the area of copyright infringement. First off, copyright infringement is a crime no matter if it is published on paper or the internet. There are certainly unethical websites where they give you the impression that it is OK to pay for a copy of an article to use for a college paper or even another website. Although, in our upside down ethics world the name of the site is oxymoronic when it comes to where it is showing up in some of the search results. No, I am not going to say the site name. See: legal issues on b2b websites

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Even attorneys have been caught in ethics violations of plagiarism. One attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area has been caught copying marketing and advertising information from another attorney's web site. In fact a lawsuit was filed against the lawyer.

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Search Engines and ISPs are an area where government is working at developing digital preservation laws and regulations toward what defines "fair use." For some search engines or ISPs to hide behind & claim the "Fair Use Doctrine" and copy other search engine results and then claim copyright protection, is certainly not fair use or ethical in my book.

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So, before you write anything online, in a Blog, Website, or an e-Newsletter, follow this free lesson and make sure it is original content and document resources by giving credit to your external domain sources when it comes to Internet marketing, online advertising, B2B and B2C ethics, or website production.

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