Saturday, December 31, 2005

Copyright 2006

2006 Time for all to update your copyright dates

As we embark on a brand new year it is important to update your copyright dates on all the pages of your business websites.

The importance of having the correct copyright date can not be overstated from both a Search Engine and Business standpoint.

First; from a new business perspective when a potential client comes to a website and they look at the bottom of the page and find the date a little behind-the-times it can make an impression of a house not in order. Personally I feel that it might take awhile for larger sites if the date is not having some type of automatic include or dynamically generated from a database. This can involve some manual labor of having to go to every page and update the date.

Secondly; as search engines get smarter on the search engine algorithms the copyright dates may become more important. This is probably one of the small variables for search engines, but never-the-less, it would be wise to update.

Thirdly; as quality sites are looking to link to your business for relevant information one of the items that might be checked is the copyright date. This can give a type of early warning system as to the freshness of the information. If the information is new, but is placed on a page with an old copyright, how is another business supposed to evaluate the relevancy of the data for today?

So, make it one of your priorities to have your webmaster update your dates. If you do not have a webmaster and have outdated pages on your B2B or B2C business website, or would like to update the business website, Professional Web Services, Inc., can provide the service.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Copyright Pointweazins

What The Heck Are Copyright Pointweazins?

There is some Online humor in this story even though it is a very serious legal offence. It goes in the tracking neighborhood of you've got to be kidding.

Copyright pointweazins are not some sort of virus hoax, or some crazy legal term, but a type of tracking pill for the Internet.

In an early 2005 eBusiness, The New Yorker, "NOT A WORD" story and subsequently a follow-up story that came out a couple weeks ago from: WebProNews "The Dictionary Knows You Scanned It" by: David Utter, online publishing businesses and other types of print media are placing a form of a poison pill strategy in published works.

The Copyright Poison Pill

Create a fictitious word, define the word, and then publish the whole work. Once the work is published then do some search engine Internet sleuth tracking to discover what other Web works have been copied from the original. Apparently this was an old tradition in the print world for a long time. Encyclopedia and dictionary publishers would create made-up words and then check on the competition to see if they were copyright infringing on the originals. See: Esquivalience: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Become An Internet Sleuth

Tracking down copyright infringement takes a bit of detective work. It requires doing some searches on the more popular search engines. Many times whole works are copied and pasted into new articles that the authors are trying to pass off as original manuscripts.

So, insert some of your own copyright pointweazins and discover who is stealing your sales, marketing and advertising works.

Legal Ramifications

Severe LEGAL penalties can be assessed for this type of illegal activity.

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Create Don't Copy Write

Internet Marketing Online Advertising Industries

So you want to write about life on the Internet in the world wide web window that could be considered the "Wild Wild West" for marketing, online advertising, no ethics, and wild website designs.

ECommerce .com companies in fact sometimes feel anything goes in the form of pictures or text to enhance their website greetings.

Why consider some of the consequences from "doin" things the wrong way? Well, for example: false advertising claims are coming back to haunt some advertisers that felt they could place anything in their ads and certainly may have gotten away with it in the past. There have recently been lawsuits filed against companies for having produced false advertising online.

online windows thieves

Another area that is really starting to bite back companies is the area of copyright infringement. First off, copyright infringement is a crime no matter if it is published on paper or the internet. There are certainly unethical websites where they give you the impression that it is OK to pay for a copy of an article to use for a college paper or even another website. Although, in our upside down ethics world the name of the site is oxymoronic when it comes to where it is showing up in some of the search results. No, I am not going to say the site name. See: legal issues on b2b websites

attorneys fighting back

Even attorneys have been caught in ethics violations of plagiarism. One attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area has been caught copying marketing and advertising information from another attorney's web site. In fact a lawsuit was filed against the lawyer.

search engine spam

Search Engines and ISPs are an area where government is working at developing digital preservation laws and regulations toward what defines "fair use." For some search engines or ISPs to hide behind & claim the "Fair Use Doctrine" and copy other search engine results and then claim copyright protection, is certainly not fair use or ethical in my book.

web, blog, news, media writing

So, before you write anything online, in a Blog, Website, or an e-Newsletter, follow this free lesson and make sure it is original content and document resources by giving credit to your external domain sources when it comes to Internet marketing, online advertising, B2B and B2C ethics, or website production.

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