Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Copyright Pointweazins

What The Heck Are Copyright Pointweazins?

There is some Online humor in this story even though it is a very serious legal offence. It goes in the tracking neighborhood of you've got to be kidding.

Copyright pointweazins are not some sort of virus hoax, or some crazy legal term, but a type of tracking pill for the Internet.

In an early 2005 eBusiness, The New Yorker, "NOT A WORD" story and subsequently a follow-up story that came out a couple weeks ago from: WebProNews "The Dictionary Knows You Scanned It" by: David Utter, online publishing businesses and other types of print media are placing a form of a poison pill strategy in published works.

The Copyright Poison Pill

Create a fictitious word, define the word, and then publish the whole work. Once the work is published then do some search engine Internet sleuth tracking to discover what other Web works have been copied from the original. Apparently this was an old tradition in the print world for a long time. Encyclopedia and dictionary publishers would create made-up words and then check on the competition to see if they were copyright infringing on the originals. See: Esquivalience: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Become An Internet Sleuth

Tracking down copyright infringement takes a bit of detective work. It requires doing some searches on the more popular search engines. Many times whole works are copied and pasted into new articles that the authors are trying to pass off as original manuscripts.

So, insert some of your own copyright pointweazins and discover who is stealing your sales, marketing and advertising works.

Legal Ramifications

Severe LEGAL penalties can be assessed for this type of illegal activity.

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